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Miss Bikini Michigan 2017, Gigi Click

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How do I sign up?

Click the “Enter” link on this website to submit your information for consideration to our office.  An authorized representative will contact you.  A limited number of ladies will be accepted into the program.

When is the last day to sign up?

The last day we will be accepting contestants for the 2018 national competition is June 1, 2018 unless the spaces fill up sooner.

Can I sign up if I live in another country?

Yes. For the first time in 2018, we are accepting ladies from international countries.


How is the competition judged?

Each contestant will be judged in the following areas of competition; Spokesmodel, Evening Gown Runway, Swimsuit Runway and Photoshoot. Judging criteria includes character, poise, confidence and personality.

Is there a talent portion of the competition?

No, there is no performing talent required and it is not a part of the scoring.

Are you only looking for perfect “10’s”

Absolutely not! Whether you’re 4 foot tall or 7 foot tall it doesn’t matter. In the swimsuit or active wear portion of the competition, the judges will be looking for physical fitness, which includes a healthy and fit body. There’s usually a wide range of body styles and types for the Finalists each year. We’re looking for outgoing, intelligent, confident, attractive young women excited to represent the beauty of a healthy lifestyle.

Do I have to have experience to enter?

Not at all, in fact most of our contestants are newcomers and many state titleholders were first time competitors. No experience is necessary and the Miss Bikini staff will help make sure you are prepared and ready for the event!

Are there any height or weight requirements to compete?

Absolutely not! Each contestant is an individual and the judges are looking for body proportion and personality, not a specific body measurement.


How does “Sponsorship” work?

Finding sponsorships is a way to offset your personal costs to participate, including the entry fee.  We suggest to start with a list of potential sponsors such as friends and family members and their employers, etc. Sponsorship and the pageant the entry fee is the SAME.  

Plan your strategy, and make a plan to succeed! Schedule appointments to collect your sponsorships. When approaching potential sponsors, explain your goals, your desire to improve yourself by participating in the Miss Bikini event, the charities you believe in and the opportunities. Let them know what your experience will entail. This will be extremely beneficial in developing your communication skills. This is an essential characteristic to have if you’re going to be the next Miss Bikini US or Miss Bikini Model.


Our goal is for contestants to collect 100% of the sponsorship fee. This is a tax-deductible advertising expense for those businesses that assist you with sponsorship. If you work hard on collecting sponsorship, it is possible that you will not incur any expenses out of pocket. In addition, hard working contestants receive material item sponsorships, such as a dress, tanning, a haircut, etc. We have a detailed sponsorship packet that will guide you through this process that you will receive once you are a registered contestant.

What if I raise more sponsorship money than the required sponsorship fee?

If you raise more money than required for your entry fee you may use the extra funds to cover any additional expenses.  Extra sponsorship money above the entry fee amount should be paid by the sponsor(s) directly to the contestant.

What should I do if a sponsor gives me cash for my sponsorship fee?

If you receive cash contributions for your sponsorship fee, you may put that money into a money order or send a personal check. Please DO NOT send cash through the mail at any time. If your cash collected exceeds the sponsorship fee then you do not have to send in the additional cash.

What is the ad page?

Each year Miss Bikini Pageant publishes a magazine/program book. This magazine is given to all judges, media and industry contacts and features all contestants in a full page ad. Your ad page is a place where you can feature your photos and list your sponsors. The entire magazine is designed by Pageant Design. All contestants are required to purchase the design for their page from Pageant Design.  The $79 cost of the design is paid directly to Pageant Design. Details on how to purchase your ad design will be in your contestant handbook.


If I win, will it interfere with school or work?

We make school the number one priority! Our program only encourages your success! Almost all of your appearances, celebrity events, and charity work will take place during the weekend and will be scheduled in advance.

Do I have to spend a lot of money on outfits?

No. You do not need to spend fortunes on outfits. It is most important to find outfits that you will feel confident in and that best suit you and your personality. The personal choice of gowns have spanned from simple, elegant to hand beaded. But it is never the gown that the judges are scoring; it’s the young women wearing it. Again, several contestants have been able to secure a gown sponsor to assist them.

What happens if I can’t get my registration materials in before the deadlines?

Deadlines are very important to us in order to make timely program preparations. However, we realize that unexpected circumstances can arise and that the collection of sponsorship may take longer than expected.  If you need an extension, please call or email the Miss Bikini office.

Do I need to pay for my meals during pageant weekend?

Some meals and drinks will be provided, however you should bring money to pay for meals that are not scheduled.

Do I need to pay for my hotel room during the event weekend?

Yes. Our host hotel, the Hilton Cabana Miami Beach will be offering a special discounted rate for the pageant. To book follow the link on this website. If you are traveling alone and would like to be paired with another contestant to split the room cost, please contact the Miss Bikini office.

If my family or friends want to attend, where do they stay?

Friend’s and Family rates are available at the host hotel.

How do my family and friends get tickets to attend the pageant?

Ticket information will be listed on the website once they have been set.

What should my family and friends wear to the pageant?

We recommend anything from business casual to formalwear for the pageant preliminaries and pageant finals.


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