Erin Marie Garrett, Miss Bikini Central Texas 2017

I would like to say, that I was incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this organization. Women are so often criticized for their image, and it such a blessing to be a part of a pageant system that welcomes and encourages beauty of all types. Not only did I receive an award at the competition, but have made some new friends in different states! Thank you again, and congratulations to all the women involved! #girlpower

Athena Arscott, Miss Bikini Caribbean 2017

Dear Miss Bikini US - Thank You! thank you for giving me the opportunity to further my career and help me grow as a person.  I loved every minute of your action packed weekend and felt very special to be apart of your event.  You guys were very professional and showed the outmost care and respect to myself and the other delegates.  Wishing you continued success in your quest to empower women and give them a platform to support our communities. Stay blessed.

Alex Syndram, Miss Bikini Indiana 2017

Miss Bikini US and Miss Bikini Model has helped me not only dive into the bikini modeling world but make lasting friendships. Everyone including the staff, photographers, and contestants were nothing but supportive and kind. I am forever grateful for the connections I've made and have grown as a model and pageant contestant. If any woman is looking to immerse herself in the modeling or pageant world I would definitely recommend Miss Bikini US and Miss Bikini Model.

Kristie Mays, Miss Bikini United States 2016

To say that this past year has been a dream come true is a complete understatement. I have gotten emotional many times throughout this year thinking about how much God blessed me by allowing me to win this title.  It introduced me to some of the most influential people, and helped me grow as a woman. This year wouldn't have been what it was without an entire team of people behind me. I can confidently say that Dawn Rochelle has put together the best group of people in the entire world to help and prepare her winners to be the best that they can be.

Billy Montgomery, Photographer, Billy Montgomery Media

I have shot several pageants but nothing compares to capturing the Miss Bikini US pageant.  While the actual pageant is the main event, the sessions with the models were really worth being there.  I loved the diversity in the delegates, and how open they were to try different shots during our sessions.  It was a great place to network and Miami is the perfect place for the competition. I hope to be considered for next year's competition especially now that I know what to expect.

Axel Boorman, Photographer

Professional Miss Bikini US team, beautiful models, Miami, Sun, Beach, can't get any better!

Karli Rabb, Miss Bikini Alabama US 2017

Miss Bikini US was one of the best experiences in my life, not only did I accomplish something new, gain more publicity in modeling, and work with some of the best photographers across the us, I made life long friendships with the girls in the contest and I will be sure to visit them when I travel in the future. It was an honor to be surrounded with so many beautiful and sweet girls that have the same goals and high expectations for themselves as I do. The staff was the most helpful, hardworking, and most friendly staff I've ever encountered in a pageant, everything ran smoothly and safe. As your Miss Bikini Beauty 2017,

I would like to say that being different makes a difference, so embrace your uniqueness!

Sarah Watkins, Miss Bikini Hoosier State 2017

My US Bikini adventure was an incomparable experience with amazing  memories I will forever be grateful for! Shooting with top photographers in the pouring rain in the ocean, to walking the runway in beautiful Miami, and the beautiful women I now call sisters are experiences I will cherish for a lifetime. I have had numerous modeling opportunities that have taken place since the pageant. I also gained friendships that will last a lifetime. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and will forever wear my "Hoosier State" crown in my heart.

Noemi Olah, Miss Bikini Model US 2017

The overall experience I had, the memories I made, and the friends I met truly made my weekend unforgettable at Miss Bikini US.

I had the privilege to compete with 33 influential girls in this top-scale pageant. This pageant was great as it truly gave me a motivating incentive to eat extra healthy and hit the gym hard to stay in shape for the bikini competition. I further improved my interview skills and not to mention, it was really nice to be pampered like a princess, getting my hair and makeup done the entire weekend. Honestly, the whole weekend flew by so quickly it was all a blur. I miss it already!

I would strongly encourage every girl to compete in at least one pageant during their lifetime. The experience truly is indescribable. The Miss Bikini US pageant build great skills and self-confidence as well as provide many opportunities in the modeling and acting world.

Sandra Popielarz, Miss Bikini Pennsylvania 2017

This opportunity was such a life changing and honoring experience to be apart of! Throughout my life, I have always wanted to have the chance to get into modeling and compete in a national pageant. Being able to compete in this system brought together the two best world's into one for me. With all the courteous and outgoing women I had the great pleasure in meeting, each one of them made this experience so very memorable! I have never felt so beautiful, happy, and on top of the world before! A huge thank you goes out to all the amazing directors and photographers who made this experience unforgettable! 


Faren Aimee, Miss Bikini United States 2017

The Miss Bikini US 2017 pageant is one I will never forget! From the moment everyone arrived everyone was warm and welcoming. Dawn, and her staff, made sure every girl was taken care of with their rooms and accommodations. Event if a contestant traveled alone everyone was paired in a room so you could get to know one another. This was beyond a pageant, it was a family. We really made a bond, and a new friends from across the United States.

The photographers and videographer were the most professional. Being comfortable and cared for, we were able to maximize our time in front of the camera for the best shots! With guidance every shot was in the best taste and reflection of our character, and representation, of our state.

The weekend honestly went by too fast! It was upbeat, light, and nothing but positive vibes! It was truly a weekend to take full advantage of to learn. I am excited for the next group of girls to come through. They are in for the experience of a lifetime!



Eva Flis, Photographer

It was such a pleasure to be part of Miss Bikini US 2017 pageant! The pageant was really well organized and Director Dawn Rochelle had everything under control. Big thank you to Chris Franz who was always there when we needed something. Lot of fun and beautiful people, and everything in a beautiful Miami scenario - nothing but a dream come true to me. Thank you for making this happen !!! Can't wait for Miss Bikini US 2018!


Miss Bikini Illinois Tyler Suess,

Miss Bikini South Texas Heidi Jo Medina,

Miss Bikini North Texas Kascha Wilburn

Miss Bikini Washington Autumn Vance

Photo Billy Montgomery



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