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Spray Tan Tips For Miss Bikini

We asked Keri from Bronze Me Baby to give us some tips on how to achieve the perfect spray tan at Miss Bikini at Miami Swim Week! Keri has tanned models for Miss Bikini at Miami Swim Week, New York Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week, as well as multiple publications like Cosmopolitan and Maxim Magazine. Here are her tips to achieve that perfect tan.

Iโ€™m so excited to BRONZE…..YOU UP!ย 

๐ŸŒดpedicures, nails, massages and waxing need to be done 24 hours prior to your spray
๐ŸŒดCome showered
๐ŸŒดNo deodorant
๐ŸŒดNo make up
๐ŸŒดShaved where ever you shave
(please do all of this things listed THE DAY BEFORE YOUR SPRAY! You want the amino acids on your skin to be there so the DHA can adhere. If your legs are freshly shaved they are too slick and the tan just wonโ€™t stay as long. The day before is ideal. Razor moisturizing strips can cause streaking on your legs Bc it acts as a barrier to the solution so be sure to shave the day before and wipe your legs down with a damp towel really well afterwards. Dove soap has been proven to leave a film on the skin therefore making the tan not look even. Stick to a natural liquid soap.ย 

Miss Bikini Sky Fitness
๐ŸŒดbring VERY lose clothing and preferably flip flops to wear afterwards. Please no jeans!! The baggier the better. You all will be in bikinis all week long. My preference is for you to leave me with nothing with a waist band. It can move the tan or rub it. I need your stomachs to look flawless!!!!!!!!!!
๐ŸŒดdo not rinse off the top bronzer for 8 hours after your tan. Rapids
Are a 1-4 hour rinse. 1-2 hours for a light color. 2-3 for a medium and leave it on for 4-5 for a dark tan. I will instruct each of you individually on this rinse time as per your skin color and my questions over your skin specifically. I will not turn you brassy. Your spray will continue to develop for the next 10-12 hours after you rinse. Your rinse needs to be a thorough rinse with no soaps and no wash rag. Just warm rag and your hand. Youโ€™ll see the bronzer rinse away and when your water that runs off your body runs clear you are good to get out. Pat dry and lotion up. If you get out and are streaky then get back in youโ€™ve not gotten the bronzer off. After this rinse you can wash and lotion and shave as normal. Shave with your hair conditioner to prolong the color on your legs.
Tan lines
๐ŸŒด lotions w/out sulfates, chemicals, scents, or alcohols are your best friend. These will keep you from fading like a crocodile. And make your tan last longer. Please donโ€™t spray perfume straight onto your skin as itโ€™s straight alcohol.ย 
๐ŸŒดthe same rules apply for shower gels. Bath & Body Works is the worst for your tan.
๐ŸŒดjust think of your skin as a piece of wood or a dresser youโ€™d want to paint. It would need to be sanded to get the best paint adhesion. Your skin is the same w a spray! The cleaner the more flawless the tan! The key to the tans longevity is MOISTURIZER! You girls are going hard and are spending lots of time in the sun and possibly drinking and most are flying. Thatโ€™s a recipe for dehydration. Coconut water helps hydrate the skin quicker than water. Iโ€™d advise you all to be drinking lots of water, 8 ounces of coconut water and using tons of moisturizer prior to your trip. One of the things I always have magazine photographers say to me about my sprays is they last longer than other girls who come sprayed by other spray tan artists. And that the tans are so even they never need editing. I got you! The things you can do are equally as important as my part!
~ Keri
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