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Meet Miss Bikini Model 2022 Alexandra Benjamin

Meet the winner of the coveted 2022 Miss Bikini Model title – Alexandra Benjamin. Alexandra graced the stage and took home the crown her first time at Miss Bikini!

As the Miss Bikini Winner, you are an inspiration to thousands of women everywhere. How did you feel when you won? Tell us a bit about the experience

The experience I had during the Miss Bikini US pageant was incredible. I had an amazing regional director, Chris Franz, who helped me every step of the way before and during the pageant. Dawn, the owner of the pageant is an amazing coach, and is always available to help, answer questions and give valuable advice. The overall pageant was a learning and enjoyable experience. When I won, I was overjoyed and extremely grateful. I prepared for months to compete in Miss Bikini US and was thrilled that the preparation paid off. 

You were also a participant in Miss Bikini at Miami Swim Week, what was your favorite experience during that event?

Being a participant at the Miss Bikini US Miami Swim Week Show was exceptionally fun! The stage was beautiful, and the production team was outstanding. I loved being a part of this show and meeting the talented designers. The designers of this show were friendly and very professional. My favorite experience during the show was rehearsals with Dawn and Chris. They made sure we had fun and guided all the models with their walks and poses. Dawn and Chris really make us girls feel like we are a part of a family! Go Bikini Tribe!

What advice or tips do you have for models hoping to advance in the Calendar Cover Model Contest?


Even though I didn’t win the Calendar Cover Model Contest, I would recommend promoting even up to the last minute! 

What is your best fitness tip?

My best fitness tip is to always add leafy greens with high fiber to your plate. Also, when I go to the gym, I lift first and do cardio last. 

What is one of the most interesting shoots that you have done?

The most interesting shoot I’ve done was during the Miss Bikini US pageant. It was at 6:00am on Miami Beach, with about 15 photographers. I remember the first photographer being so friendly and professional.  It was interesting because there were over 50 girls trying to get their photos taken. 

What advice or tips do you have for models entering Miss Bikini?

The advice I would give someone entering Miss Bikini, would be to be authentically you. Before the pageant, of course train, but also determine how you want to inspire others. Tips for success during the pageant would be to stay healthy and drink lots of water and go to bed early! You want to be well rested for the week of Miss Bikini. 

It’s easy to see how Alexandra won the crown of Miss Bikini Model. You can find out more about Alexandra and read the full interview here: