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Meet Candice Liang Miss Ocean Winner 2018

Meet Miss Ocean 2018, Candice Liang. Although Candice won her crown a few years back, she is still very much involved with the Miss Bikini Organization. You can watch Candice on “Naked and Afraid of Love” airing Sundays on the  Discovery Network. We first met Candice when she won the title of Miss Bikini Hawaii and traveled to Miami to represent her state at finals. Because of her stellar performance at Miss Bikini United States, we awarded her the Miss Ocean title. Miss Ocean is an additional title awarded at finals and the Miss Ocean winner goes on to represent the USA in major modeling competitions overseas. In 2018 Candice traveled to Beijing to represent the USA.

Candice Naked and Afraid of Love

We asked Candice:

You were a participant in the Miss Bikini 2017 at Miami Swim Week, what was your favorite experience during that event?

Absolutely everything. Stepping into this experience with butterflies in my bones, with a nervous feeling so beautiful, leaving footprints in everyone’s heart, being able to share my love and aloha spirit everywhere I go. I know I’m doing something right. 

Tell us about your modeling experience.

Its been, I mean. Wow. From building experiences and portfolio to big commercials, magazine covers, brands, even Maxim. I realized that everyone is beautiful in different forms. We all are good enough, beautiful enough, strong enough, and important enough. Something will grow from all we are going through, and it will be you. 👑

Everyones so unique in the most beautiful way and incredibly amazing. So my experience has truly been valuable, in modeling and in general or other field. I love it, and I think do it with passion or not at all. So Id always go all out and create most magical arts, some days are good, some days are bad, but again, winners are dreamers who never give up.

What is one of the most interesting shoots that you have done?

Oh god that’s hard. I want to say the shoot I did got published on Maxim and SavFaire Magzine, oh and SF Chronicle newspaper. I did that photoshoot in the Bay Area in California. We were creating magics in the backyard, laundromat, living room and bedroom, and on the metro. I felt we all brought out the best in each other, with the entire team I mean, it was so much fun and fire and passion. It just happened naturally and captured the moments we cannot put into words.

But also the every time when I shoot for New York Fashion Week, where I would wear a magnificent evening gown walking around in New York City stopping the traffic everywhere or in front of TimeSquare made everyone to stare.

Not just one of the most interesting shoots that I have done but also the best! They all are! Oh that’s a hard one haha.

Give us 5 fun facts people may not know: 

— I hold an MBA degree and currently doing my PhD in Social Psychology with full scholarship and stipend. And one of the FBI special agent/recruiter told me that youre the perfect candidate were looking for.”

— I got bit by a baby lion (6months) in Mexico at a rescue center. I sincerely thought she was looking into my eyes and we were having a deep connection haha. Even though they were just being playful (maybe). But baby lions are still lions, let me tell you that from personal experience. 😆

— Im also a guest lecturer at National University of Singapore. And I get hundreds of messages after classes from students saying things like Youre literally the best teacher Ive ever had in my life. “ or You are the reason for me to finally feeling that I made the right decision to come to college” or You changed my life”.

And it feels nice when someone calls you a professor or doctor haha.

That makes my heart full and makes me very happy.

— Ive worked for the Olympic for about 4/5 years and I work with United Nations for SDGs and passionately involved with humanitarian work.

— I dont eat rice and suck at math but love fired chicken with bones and watermelon, and I eat my watermelon cut in half with a spoon.

It’s easy to fall in love with this pure hearted beauty. You can find out more about Candice and read the full interview here: