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Become A Published Model in Miss Bikini Magazine

Is your dream to become a published model in a magazine? At Miss Bikini we offer each contestant the opportunity to gain exposure at Miami Swim Week and beyond with the Miss Bikini Magazine! Each contestant gets a full page space designed to perfection. We asked our Chief Designer, Esteban Medaglia to share his tips for the perfect feature ad page.

Esteban: Hello Ladies! Hope you are all doing great. Today I wanted to talk to you about high quality, ***High Resolution Photo Files*** and their importance when it comes to designing your required, official ad pages.

We always receive many photos that are ***low*** resolution files. These low res files are *not* good enough for print. Print requirements are very strict and, without getting too technical here, it is important that certain specifications and criteria are met so that we can design a great ad page for you and so that then, in turn, this page can be properly printed. We want to make sure you all look great on the printed page!

With the understanding that the goal is, of course, to make you look your best, here is a brief summary of what we do NOT want and what we can NOT use when it comes to photos for your ad pages:

– NO CELL PHONE photos


– NO SCREENSHOTS! (a screenshots is, essentially, a “photo of a photo”, and this reduces the quality of the original file in a dramatic way).  Please send your photo file as an attachment via e-mail instead. Please use a laptop or desktop computer whenever possible, instead of a phone.

– NO scanned photos (send only the digital file provided by your photographer instead of the scan of a hard-copy photo).

– Professional photos ONLY. (If you have a DSLR camera, no, that does NOT automatically make you a “professional photographer”.

– Ideally, we recommend beach / nature / outdoors photos in this case. Please see the examples on the link above to get an idea on what works best.

– No CROPPING on the photos. This reduces the quality and resolution of the original file. Please do NOT crop the photo file yourself. We realize you may want to cover or crop out certain areas of the photo. Let us do that for you instead. We need the “full” photo file.

– No “landscape” photos (since these dimensions do not translate well to the 8.5 X 11 size of the Program Book). “Portrait” or similarly sized images work much better. Unless you opt for the 2-page spread option, which has a wide, “horizontal” shape, in which case a landscape photo works great!

– No photographer logos nor “watermarks” superimposed on the photo.

–  Please submit only ONE (1) photo of your choice (unless you would like to order any of the Premium ad options, such as the MULTI-PHOTO option, etc., in which case, of course, you would need to submit multiple images). Due to our tight deadline and schedule, we unfortunately do not have the time to browse through multiple image files. Please ensure the photo you submit is the photo you love! We can *not* change the photo choice after-the-fact, once the page has already been designed.

Miss Bikini Model

How to submit a HIGH RES file, then? Easy!

• Your photographer should have this file, or it could have been provided to you on a CD or a download link. That would be the file we need in order to ensure the ad will look its best.

• Please use a desktop computer instead of a phone when submitting the photo (and NEVER take a “screenshot” of the photo with your phone), if at all possible. If this is not possible, please always select “actual size” or “large” when sending the file and never “small” or “medium”.

• In all cases, please do not “copy and paste” the photo to the body of the e-mail message, but add it as an attachment instead.

• If you have a download link provided to you by your photographer, please share that link with us. For example, a Dropbox link.

Finally, remember that you would need to follow the steps detailed on your exclusive webpage so that we can receive your photo and ad form. Please ensure you follow ***all*** steps. All the info is here:

Please ****make sure you familiarize yourself with the instructions and the information contained on the webpage linked above***.


I look forward to designing your official ad pages!

Best regards, 
Esteban Medaglia | Chief Designer
Pageant Design