How To Prepare for The Miss Bikini Pageant

How To Prepare for The Miss Bikini Pageant

Wondering how to prepare for the pageant? What to expect? We sat down with Chris Franz, Director of Model Development toget his thoughts on pageant prep.

I get asked all the time how should someone prepare for the Miss Bikini US Fitness & Model Search. As Director of Model Development and long time Pageant Coach I will say that preparation is key if you are to have a drama free experience. Once you have committed to do this pageant be aware of the components that are needed to compete. Bikini photoshoots, opening number dress, fantasy bikini, and evening gown. Remember that you will be doing a lot of photos hoots so be sure and pack a lot of bikinis. We make arrangements so that you can change on the beach and on the go. You cant spend a lot of time going back and forth to the hotel so come to the beach prepared. We allow any style bikini for photoshoots, thong, micro, mini, etc. However, keep in mind that when you are shooting around the pools that there may be young children present so please use some common sense judgement. Our venue is on Miami Beach and not South Beach so you cant shoot topless. No topless or implied nudity will be permitted.

Miss Bikini Model

Opening number dress will be your choice of pale yellow, light blue, or blush pink and nude heels. You will not be required to do a dance number so all of you “two left feet” contestants need not worry. You will however have to walk a 28 foot runway in 5 inch heels so please, please practice walking in those shoes. You will also make a short introduction stating your name and title and a little something about yourself. Be creative.

The fantasy bikini portion of our event is the crowning jewel of the show. You can use your imagination when making your costume. I like to call it bright and blingy. Imagine a cross between a Victoria Secrets runway model and a Vegas Showgirl. There are many place on line that sell wings and decorations. The sky is the limit. Have fun with it.

Miss Bikini Runway Show

Evening gown is the last portion of the show. Its your chance to show the judges you can be elegant and beautiful. Keep in mind that it is Miami in the summer so its going to be very hot and humid. You will be in evening gown from the time you change til the end of the show so keep that in mind when purchasing your gown. Someone will be there to help you up and down the stairs to the stage. The same goes for each portion of the event.

Miss Bikini Pageant Gown dress

Make a checklist of everything you will need to bring with you to Miami. If you use a little organization and a list you will be less likely to forget anything. If you use common sense and a little bit of organization it will payoff with a very stress free experience. See you in Miami.