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Designer Spotlight: Tipe Swimwear from Colombia

Welcome to the MISS BIKINI® Designer Spotlight. Today we focus on Colombian Swimwear brand Tipe’. The 2020 collection is thematic, the pollen collection is inspired by the work that bees do for our planet. Tipe’ wants to capture in their prints, the different stages of the bees to pollinate the plants and give life to all our flora. Bees are in danger of extirpation by the great chemical fumigation and Tipe’ hopes to bring awareness to their plight. 

This is Tipe’s second year showing on the MISS BIKINI® stage at Miami Swim Week. MISS BIKINI® Producer Dawn Rochelle Warner says “Tipe’ is one of my very favorite swimwear brands. Lenore, the designer has such a great creative vision that works well for all body types.” 

In fact, Tipe’ Designer Leonor took advantage of the diverse group of MISS BIKINI® models to showcase the brands versatility. 

Swimsuit Designer Spotlight Tipe’ Swimwear

Tipe’ closed the opening show of Miami Swim Week on the MISS BIKINI® stage with their collection based on bees and the beautiful flowers of nature.

Tipe' Designer Leonore with MISS BIKINI® Models

To discover the complete Tipe’ Collection be sure to follow their instagram @tipe_swimwear